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Singapore 307506

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JKT Office Address:
30/F, Menara KADIN Indonesia
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Block X-5, Kav 2-3
Jakarta 12950

JKT Enquiries:
Tel:+62-21-5289 1932
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Emergency Hotline
Tel: +65 9069 4307

Flinders EMA Chief Medical Officer
Tel: +65 9007 3942

Hyperbaric and Diving Physician
Tel: +65 9007 3942


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Doctor@Home Consultations

"What if ...its 2 AM in the morning, your aged mother who has diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol is feeling unwell with a fever. You suggest taking her to the hospital ...... but with much resistance from her......" - what would you do...?


Doctor@Home the New Frontier of Borderless Healthcare is a medical service incorporating the use of modern technology for health monitoring providing a simple, anytime, anywhere 24/7 on-demand access to quality healthcare.

It helps resolve both your routine or non-fatal emergency medical issues, on-demand 24/7, via phone or using state of the art online
video consultations from wherever you happen to be.

Importance of Doctor@Home
With today’s rising cost and inflation and where time is money.
The cost associated with  a doctor’s visit includes not just the doctor’s consultation fees but indirect cost like transport, long waiting time, time off work and unnecessary worry for other family members.

Doctor@Home is designed to meet the needs of the both individuals and families to provide immediate cost  effective top quality medical management to Seniors, Elderly, Working Adults and Juniors alike by offering members 24/7 on demand user pay consultation services via phone or video. Hence, reducing unnecessary visits to the hospital or clinic, thus saving time and lowering overall long term healthcare cost to the individual in the community.

Doctor@Home has been used for the care of Private Seniors/Elderly, in Nursing Homes and as a Medical Advisory of Care Care Centers.

Uses and Benefits of Doctor@Home
Whether it may be

a) routine medical checkup for


    • diabetes
    • hypertension
    • cholestrol
    • stroke
    • wound care etc

b) a non-fatal emergency situation

    • fever,
    • migraine headache,
    • urinary tract infection,
    • muscle/back strains,
    • upper respiratory infections,
    • runny or stuffy nose,
    • sore throat,
    • allergies etc

c) prescription medication
d) a referral to a specialist or a referral for blood test or investigations - X-rays, MRI, CT Scans, Ultrasound Scans etc
e) dental emergencies
f) pediatric monitoring for fever and emergency advice
g) before and after travelling advice- vaccinations, preventive measures, medications etc




24Hrs Emergency Hotline: (65) 9069 4307,      Call Centre (65) 6445 1936

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24 Hours World Wide Medical Assistance

The New frontier Frontier of Borderless Healthcare

24 Hours World Wide Medical Assistance

Seniors/Elders Borderless Healthcare






Specialist@Home Consultations

Priceless High Quality Affordable Specialist Care from the comforts of your own home
Interested in Travelling Overseas for a medical, surgical, dental  procedure? Want that high bridged nose... Higher eye brows, sharper facial features , liposuction? Will Lasik help me see better? Who is the best doctor to manage my heart condition? My father needs a total knee replacement who can treat him... My daughter needs a liver transplant who has the expertise overseas?

Cost of hospitalization from SGD$280* a day
Cost of Lasik procedure from SGD$1680*
Cost of choosing the right Specialist ...Priceless...

(*cost of hospitalization and cost of procedure are minimum estimates only)

Specialist@Home is a New Frontier of Medical Tourism using innovative cutting edge technology to deliver the Specialist directly into your home. With Specialist@Home you will be able to have a face to face consultation with the specialist within the comforts of your own home before leaving your own country for the procedure. Here you will be able to develop a rapport with your specialist sharing with him/her your concerns and expectations. You will also be able to get first hand explanation of what the procedure entails, potential complications, days of hospitalization and also the cost of the procedure. Should you be suffering from any medical condition your Specialist will be able to advise you on the  management of your condition before, during and after the operation/procedure.

With a developed country’s soaring health care costs and long waiting times for medical procedures, together with the higher risk of a third world country’s  complication rates, bare basic post operative rehabilitation, cultural and language barriers and differences a dilemma for every medical tourist. Making it increasingly difficult to find quality, affordable treatment in another country. Whether you want dental procedures , cosmetic-plastic surgery, life-saving surgical procedures, or elective procedure one has to be in the doctors/dentist ‘s country to initiate the consultation, hence adding to the financial burden in terms of air travel, accommodation, transport, waiting time and what happens if you have chosen the wrong doctor....

Specialist@Home is a Medical Tourism Portal that offers all Medical Tourist Affordable High Quality Medical Care . Our Specialist Partners are specifically selected from internationally renowned institutions and medical centre in Singapore and have to gone  through a rigorous qualifying assessment process. So as to assure the Medical Tourist of the highest quality of medical travel. With the Medical Tourist at heart Specialist@Home is customised to enable Medical Tourist to resolve all medical issues with the best specialist in Singapore without leaving your own country and within the comforts of your own home prior to perusing medical treatment overseas. Specialist@Home is coordinated by our Medical Tourism Coordinating Medical Team which consist of our Coordinating Physician and Nurse Manager. Providing FULL HIGH QUALITY END TO END Medical Concierge Services.

Benefits & Advantages of Specialist@Home:

  1. High Quality Affordable Specialist Care utalizing the latest cutting edge technology.
  2. Carefully selected Specialist Partners who have undergone a rigours qualifying process.
  3. Develop a rapport with your overseas Medical/Surgical/Dental Specialist
  4. Specialist consultations without leaving the comforts of your own home in your own country
  5. Specialist consultation of your condition prior to your arrival for your procedure
  6. Choosing your correct specialist for the best solution for your condition
  7. Discuss with the  Specialist your concerns and expectations
  8. Direct Specialist 1st hand knowledge of what the procedure entails
    • possible procedure complications, side effects
    • pre/during/post procedure medical/surgical/dental management
    • financial implication- cost of procedure, cost of hospitalization, accommodation and transport cost, any oither cost prior to making decision on undergoing the procedure


By joining this program- you will not only experience the benefits of the Specialist@Home furthermore when you decide to come to received your treatment, you will be assigned an on-call medical concierge directly at your service 24Hr a day. Should you experience any pre or post treatment emergencies a dedicated medical team comprising of a doctor and/or nurse will be on hand to give advice or visit you .

All calls to your on-call medical concierge or dedicated medical team is just the cost of a phone call. The use of your medical concierge or dedicated medical team is an on demand 24hrs user pay service. 




24Hrs Emergency Hotline: (65) 9069 4307,      Call Centre (65) 6445 1936

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Specialist Direct Services

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Place




Specialist Physicians & Surgeons




Save time & money

Specialist Care without Borders



Medical & Surgical Specialist Direct Consultations




Specialized Medical Examinations

Flinders EMA works in association with FEMA Clinic & Surgery providing Specialized Medical Examination and we are Desginated Licensing Medical Examiners to the various Industries - Commercial Diving, Recreational Diving, Offshore Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas, Maritime and Aviation (CAAS-Singapore).

On satisfying the various specific industry requirements a Certificate of Fitness to Work in that Industry and Personal Photo Identification Card (PPIC) will be issued upon completion of all Specialized Medical Examinations.

Specialized Medical Assessment  

Diving Medical Examinations

  • IMCA (UK-HSE),
  • ADC (USA)
  • AS/NZ 2299,
  • SHELL-Miri, Sarawak, Brunei (SSB)
  • Commercial & Occupational Diving
  • Saturation and Mixed Gas Diving
  • Scientific Diving
  • Recreational Diving, Technical Diving , AS4005.1
  • Singapore Standards SS511, Training Advisory

Hyperbaric Medical Examinations

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatmentfor the following conditions- consultations for the suitability fir Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for the following conditions:
    1. Air or gas embolism
    2. Decompression sickness
    3. Carbon monoxide poisoning and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Complicated by Cyanide Poisoning
    4. Central retinal artery occlusion
    5. Clostridal Myositis and Myonecrosis (Gas gangrene)
    6. Crush Injury, Compartment syndrome, and other Acute Traumatic Ischemias
    7. Enhancement of Healing in Selected Problem Wounds
    8. Exceptional Blood Loss (Anemia)
    9. Intracranial Abscess
    10. Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections (Necrotizing fasciitis)
    11. Osteomyelitis (Refractory)
    12. Delayed Radiation Injury (Soft Tissue and Bony Necrosis)
    13. Skin Grafts & Flaps (Compromised)
    14. Thermal Burns

Other non-standard conditions which MAY BENEFIT from Hyperbaric Oxygen:

  1. Sudden Hearing Loss
  2. Strroke
  3. Cerebral Palsy
  4. Autism
~ A Consultation with our Hyperbaric Physician is Required for all Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments ~
  • Compressed Airworks Medical Examinations
  • Working Under pressure for Tunnellers (Land Transport Authority-MRT Singapore)
What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the process of administering 100% Oxygen to a patient in an environment of increased surrounding atmospheric pressure. This is done in a specially engineered enclosure called a Hyperbaric Chamber which is designed to withstand an increased internal pressure. The purpose of delivering 100% Oxygen in this environment is to provide high concentration of oxygen to the body. This is effective in various medical and surgical illnesses and conditions. This form of treatment is able to be used as a PRIMARY treatment (Decompression Illness) or as an ADDITIONAL Treatment with other medical interventions such as antibiotics or surgery. Generally Hyperbaric Oxygen is used for the Treatment of Diving Related Conditions like ecompression Illness and Gas Embolism. However, the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT) in the management of non-healing diabetic wounds opens a whole new dimension in limb salvage - ie preventing limb amputations and improving the ones quality of life.

Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) together with intensive wound management offers a new horizon to the management of chronic non-healing wounds or ulcers.For patients where conventional wound care techniques have not resulted in optimal benefit, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has shown to promote new tissue growth, fights infection and improves circulation to the affected area. Thereby enhancing wound healing. Thus reducing the risk of complications namely-limb amputations. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in conjunction with adequate wound care, medical and surgical management is often able to result in better healing in the numerous difficult wounds and ulcers. HBOT is also able to manage severe soft tissue and bone infections. It can also provide the bridge to the management of severe trauma that may otherwise result in limb amputations.
Diabetic Ulcers after Hyperbaric Oxygen TherapyThis increase of oxygen delivery enables more oxygen to be dissolved in the plasma of the blood. Thus resulting in increased oxygen delivery to the tissues which in turn results in improved healing mechanism and helps the body fights infection which is the basic mechanism of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and wound healing: With Hyperbaric Oxygen, there is a 10 to 15-fold increase in oxygen dissolved in the plasma aided by an increase in the oxygen diffusion gradient across the tissues. This results in elevated tissue oxygen concentration for a period of 2 to 4 hours post treatment with a significant (20%) reduction in edema of the affected area and an accelerated rate of capillary formation (about 20%) together with collagen deposition (angiogenesis). This phenomena supports the tissues viability till collateral circulation is established. The high oxygen environment also facilitates white blood cell killing mechanism in an ischeamic environment which is further aided by toxin inactivation and inhibition of bacteria (a bacteriostatic effect on the microbes). Hyperoxygenation also aids the transport of antibiotics (namely- aminoglycosides) across the bacteria cell wall. At Flinders EMA, we are able to manage the vaious conditions that require treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- e.g.: Decompression Sickness, Cerebral Artery Gas Embolism, Chronic non-healing wounds etc and we have access to Hyperbaric Facilities both locally and within the region. Our Doctors are trained both locally and overseas. They have the relevant experience and qualifications in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (Australia, USA, UK), Maritime Medicine, Emergency Life Support and Critical Care Support for both Trauma and Cardiac Conditions.



Pilot and Air Crew Examination
(Civil Aviation Authority Singapore Approved Licensing Medical Examiner - Aviation)

  •  Aviation Medical Examinations in accordance with CAAS, ICAO
    • Commercial Pilots License (CPL)
    • Air Transport Pilots License (ATPL)
    • Private Pilots License (PPL)

Offshore Medical Examinations

  • UKOOA(UK Offshore Operators Association)  / UKOGA(United Kingdom Oil, Gas Association)
  • ROV Pilot Medical Examinations (Offshore ROV Pilots Medicals)
  • Norwegian Offshore Medical (OLF)
  • ILO/WHO (Platform/Topside Offshore Personal Medical Examination) – OIL RIG
  • Petronas Carigali Medical Examinations
  • HUET(Helicopter, Underwater Escape Training Medical)
  • SHELL-Miri, Sarawak, Brunei, SSB (Sarawak Shell Bhd)
  • BIOSET / IFAP/OPITO/FOET Medical Examinations
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Alcohol, Blood/Breath Testing
  • Amphetamines , Urine
  • Methamphetamines, Urine
  • Barbiturates, Urine
  • Benzodiazepines, Urine
  • Cannabis / Marijuana (THC), Urine
  • Cocaine, Urine
  • Opiates, Urine
  • Phencyclidine, Urine
  • Methadone, Urine
  • Tricyclic Antidepressants, Urine


Maritime Medical Examinations

  • MaritimeDrug & Alcohol Testing
  • Alcohol, Blood/Breath Testing
  • Amphetamines , Urine
  • Methamphetamines, Urine
  • Barbiturates, Urine
  • Benzodiazepines, Urine
  • Cannabis / Marijuana (THC), Urine
  • Cocaine, Urine
  • Opiates, Urine
  • Phencyclidine, Urine
  • Methadone, Urine
  • Tricyclic Antidepressants, Urine
      • Australian Maritime Safety Association (AMSA)
      • Maritime Port Authority (MPA) Singapore
  • MPA Medical Examination
  • Port of Singapore Authority (PSA)
      • Panama License, Vanuatu License
      • Swedish Maritime Medical Examination (More in-depth testing with ultrasound system)
      • Seafarers Medical Examination (P&I UK \ILO\WHO\MCG\Singapore\Malaysia\Indonesia)


  • Seaman Medical Assessment
  • Port/Ship Pilot
  • Ship Captain
  • Ship Crew (officers and Able Bodies)
    • P&I club Medical Assessment
    • ILO/WHO Medical Assessment
    • MCA Medical Assessment (Maritime Coast Guard Authority, UK)

24Hrs Emergency Hotline: (65) 9069 4307,      Call Centre (65) 6445 1936

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Emergency Response Planning





Basic Medical Examinations

Flinders EMA Pte Ltd in Asoociation with FEMA Clinic & Surgery provides Basic Medical Examinations :

  • Occupational Medical Examinations
  •  Designated Factory Doctor Services – Ministry of Manpower Singapore
  • Pre-Employment Medical Examinations
  • Audiometric Screening Services for Hearing Conservation Programe
  • Ministry of Manpower (Singapore) Medical Examinations
    • Work permit application / renewal
    • Special Pass
    • Permanent Resident
    • Employment Pass
    • Long Term Pass
    • Student pass


Appointment Hotline: (65) 6854 3720,        Call Centre (65) 6445 1936

For more information pls send us an email:

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medical insigna








24 Hrs Emergency Medical Assistance / Emergency Response Planning

Flinders EMA provides Emergency Medical Assistance Services and Emergency Response Planning Packages for both local Singapore based Companies as and Regionally or Internationally based Companies. Our Operations span from Local Hotel Medical Assistance or Home Visits by either our Home Care Physician and/or Nurse together with Medical Personnel and Ambulance Crew Standby for Events. Regionally / Internationally, our Medical Assistance Program is customised for the Diving, Maritime and Offshore Industries providing Telemedicine Realtime Advisory and Consultations for Marine Vessels, Offshore Platform together with Physician Standby Telemedicine Emergency Response (S.T.E.D), World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance (WWEMA), Emergency Response Planning (ERP) and Remote Integrative Specialist Consultation Services (RISC) Packages/ Programs



24 Hrs Emergency Medical Assistance / Emergency Response Planning

      • Physician Standby STED Packages (Inshore/inland, Offshore- Regional, International)
      • Emergency Response Planning (ERP)
      • Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance (WWEMA) Packages
      • Remote Integrative Specialist Consultation Services (RISC)
      • Telemedicine Assistance Program – Real Time Consultation & Diagnostic Advisory
      • Maritime Emergency Assistance STED packages
      • Maritime Boarding of Vessel in SG waters/anchorage/outer port limit
      • Maritime Drug and Alcohol inspection
      • Diving Emergency Services (Commercial Diving- Air/Mixed Gas Saturation, Recreational Diving)
      • Hotel Call
      • House Call
      • Medical & Ambulance Standby Services for Events



Appointment Hotline: (65) 6854 3720,      Call Centre (65) 6445 1936

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24 Hours World Wide Medical Assistance



Emergency Medical Evacuations & Repatriations

Flinders EMA works together with FEMA Clinc and Surgery providing 24 Hrs Emergency Remote Integrative Specialist Consultations (RISC) with Specialist Surgeons and Physician to stabilze the Casualty prior to activation of Emergency Aeromedical Evacuation utalizing Air Ambulance Jets, Helicopters or Sea Ambulance. The use RISC enhances casualty survivalbility and enables the patient to recieve a high level of medical by the appropiate Specialist even in the most remote areas.

    • 2Hrs World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance (WWEMA)
    • Remote Integrative Specialist Consultations (RISC) (Offshore Emergencies)
    • Aeromedical Evacuations (Bedside to Bedside Patient Transfers and Repatriations)
    • Helicopter Rescue Services
    • Sea Ambulance
    • Road Ambulance





24Hrs Emergency Hotline: (65) 9069 4307,      Call Centre (65) 6445 1936

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24 Hours World Wide Medical Assistance


Physician Standby Telemedicine Emergency Deployment Programs (S.T.E.D)

PHYSICIAN EMERGENCY STANDBY SERVICES for Diving, Hyperbaric, Offshore, Maritime Medical Assistance.

  • 24 Hr Diving & Hyperbaric Physician Stand By Services for Commercial Diving Companies in accordance with SS511 (Singapore) and IMCA guidelines requirement – for Surface Supply, Mixed Gas and Saturation Diving.
  • Provision of Diving and Hyperbaric Standby Services for the Commercial Diving and Offshore Marine Operators to provide 24 Hrs Emergency Diving, Hyperbaric  Medical /Surgical Treatment in view of an accident.
  • The provision of a Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Physician is an IMCA requirement and is used by Commercial Diving Companies for Surface Supply, Mixed Gas and Saturation Diving and is an integral part of the 24Hr World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance S.T.E.D Priority Programme for Diving Companies.
  • Inaccordance with International guideline a Simulation Diving Emergency Drill is performed on a bi-annual basis to ensure operational readiness of the Commercial Diving Company in the unforeseen event of a Diving Accident.
  • 24 Hr Offshore, Maritime Remote Physician Stand By Services for Sea Going Vessels, Oil Rig, Platforms to provide immediate Medical Assistance in the event of On-Board Maritime Emergencies and Injuries.

A Membership Subscription Fee is chargable for all Standby Telemedicine Emergency Deployment (S.T.E.D) Programs and 24Hrs World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance Priority Programs


24Hrs Emergency Hotline: (65) 9069 4307,      Call Centre (65) 6445 1936

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24 Hours World Wide Medical Assistance

S.T.E.D. Programs

Standby Telemedicine

Emergency Deployment


Remote Integrative Specialist Consultation Programs ( R.I.S.C )

The use of Remote Integrative Specialist Consultations ensures the highest standard of Specialist Care even in the most remote areas of the world. Thus enhancing a casualty's survivability and a reduction in potential complications of treatment in remote areas. With R.I.S.C you will have a wide range of Specialist on demand in every field of Medicine and Surgery to provide an integrative and comprehensive patient orientated team treatment.







24Hrs Emergency Hotline: (65) 9069 4307,      Call Centre (65) 6445 1936

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24 Hours World Wide Medical Assistance

24 Hours World Wide Medical Assistance

No Ocean Too Wide

24 Hours World Wide Medical Assistance 24 Hours World Wide Medical Assistance

R . I . S . C


World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance Programme

Flinders EMA Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance a leading international and regional medical transportation specialist. We have transported patients ranging from basic road accidents to the ventilated and critically ill within South East Asia and Internationally to USA, UK, Australia, Europe and India. Our Flight Co-ordinators and Physicians are dedicated to arrange fast, cost effective full bedside to bedside emergency medical transport for patients. As each patient is unique in all circumstance, each medical admission is coordinated, based on individual patient needs.

At Flinders EMA, we pride ourselves with our Physician Direct Medical Call Center - where you speak to our Resident Aeromedical Doctor directly for ALL Patient Transfers 24hours a day 365 days a year to ensure smooth Inter-hospital/facility co-ordination, proper patient immigration clearence and insurance paper work to maintain our 1 00% patient orientated safety record.

Our Planes are strategically located in Singapore, within South East Asia, Middle East , African Continent and Internationally for both efficient and rapid deployment when the need arises. We have affiliated medical facilities, both regionally (South East Asia) and internationally. Our medical team are highly skilled, aero-medically trained and multilingual. The Team is directed by Aeromedical Director - Dr. Kevin U. Chan, trained in Australia with 16 years of Advanced Cardiac and Trauma Life Support experience. Other members of our team include:

1) Specialist, Critical Care General Surgeons, Trauma Surgeons and Cardiac Physicians
2) ICU-CCU Certified Register Flight Nurses
3) Advance Life Support Critical Care Flight Paramedics

At Flinders EMA, our Flight Medical Team (Physician & Nurse) are trained in Advance cardiac Life Support. Advance Trauma Life Support, Critical Care Support and are all multi-lingual. All aircraft and flight team operate in accordance with FAA (USA), CAAS
(Singapore) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines.


World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance Services

  1. 24 Hours Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
      • Air Ambulance Services
        • Critical Care Air Ambulance Transfers.
        • private air ambulance
        • commercial air ambulance
        • Road Ambulance inter-hospital regional transfers
      • Helicopter Rescue Ambulance Services
        • Ships & Maritime Vessels
        • Inter-Hospital Transfers Singapore to Malaysia, Batam, Karimun Island
        • Offshore - Oil Rigs, vessels, FPSO
        • Outer Port Limits & International waters
      • Sea Evacuation by Sea Ambulance ferry
  2. 24 Hours International Patient Services
      • Bedside to Bedside/Specialist (point to point) Emergency Patient Transfers
      • International Patient Repatriations (USA, UK, Australia, Japan, China, Europe, Africa)
      • Ventilated/Comatose patients
  3. 24 Hours Specialist Surgical, Trauma, Cardiac, Neurological Emergencies
  4. 24 Hours Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Emergencies
      • Diving Emergency Services – DCS, AGE
      • Off Shore & Commercial Diving Operations Emergencies
      • Air, Mixed Gas, Saturation Diving Operations
      • Commercial, Recreational, Technical
  5. 24Hr Emergency Hyperbaric Medical Support Services
  6. 24Hours Offshore & Maritime Medical Emergencies
      • Outside Port Limit, Anchorage, International waters
      • Helicopter evacuation from ships
      • Medical Bording of Vessel for sick/injured crew
      • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  7. 24 Hours Emergency Dental Services (as part of our registered members program)
  8. 24Hours Emergency Disaster Relief Services


24Hrs Emergency Hotline: (65) 9069 4307,      Call Centre (65) 6445 1936

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Air Ambulance Medevac


Intubated Patient Medical Flight

Patient Transfer to Aircraft

Ambulatory Patient Air Transfer


Helicopter Rescue Services

Helicopter Casualty Transfers

Telemedicine Assistance Program

With Real Time Consultation & Diagnostic Advisory our dedicated team of medical advisors are on standby to provide 24Hr 7 Days a week Real Time Consultation & Diagnostic Telemedicine Advisory. With a real-time onsite monitoring, we are able to ensure efficient and immediate communication between the casualty/patient and our physicians at all times together with real time transmission of partient parameters and investigastive findings - heart rate, blood pressure, ECG/EKG reading, Oxygen saturations, Blood Sugar level, Temperature, Ultrasound scans etc. With our Medicine withut Borders MWB-RT equipment utalizing REAL TIME monitoring all medical, surgical and dental emergencies are able to be visually diagnosed remotely providing compreehnsive patient care and improving the health and safety of remote personnel.

24Hrs Emergency Hotline: (65) 9069 4307,      Call Centre (65) 6445 1936

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Telemed Assist Programs

General and Travel Medicine with Specialist Medical Services

Flinders EMA Pte Ltd works closely in association with FEMA Clinic and Surgery located in Novena Medical Center together with Specialist Physicians and Surgeons providing an Intergrated Multidisiplinary Clinical Team for in-clinic, in-hospital and remote consultations (Remote Integrative Specialist Consultations- RISC) providing top quality patient centric medical care.

We also provide Travel Medicine Service in the areas of Travel & General Vaccination Programmes, supplying of First Aid Kits for outbound travellers, provision of Medical Services within Singapore for Inbound Tourist. We are a Member of the International Society of Travel Medicine (USA) and we are an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Ceter (Ministry of Health Singapore)


General and Specialist Medical Services

      1.  General Medicine

          Corporate Doctor Services
        • Designated Factory Doctor Services
        • Remote Offshore Maritime General Medical Services
        • General Medical Illness and Report Sick
        • Vaccination Center- H1N1, FLU, Cholera, Meningococcal, Hepatitis, Typhoid etc
        • Designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Center (Ministry of Health)
        • Travel Medicine


    1. Specialist Referral:
      • Diving & Hyperbaric Physician
      • Occupational Physician
      • Offshore Physician
      • Orthodontist
      • Cardiologist
      • Neurologist
      • Anesthetist
      • Dentist
      • Dermatologist
      • ENT Specialist
      • Neurosurgeon
      • Plastic Surgeon
      • General Surgeon
      • Vascular Surgeon
      • Orthopedic Surgeon
      • Cardiothoracic Surgeon
      • Intensive Care Specialist
      • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon



24Hrs Emergency Hotline: (65) 9069 4307,      Call Centre (65) 6445 1936

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Supply of Medications & Medical Equipment for Vessels/Oil Rigs etc

Supply of Medications & Medical Equipment

  • Supply of -
    • various First Aid Kits
    • DMC 15 Kits,
    • MSN 1788 Kits
    • MSN 1688 Kits
    • Oxygen Resusitators
    • Oxygen Ventilators
  • Supply of On Board Ship Medical Equipment
  • Supply of On Board Ship Medication AND Life Support Drugs
  • Supply/Rental/Training/ Maintenance of  Real Time Telemedicine Equipment (MWB-RT)


For more information pls send us an email:

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Courses and Training Workshops

Flinders EMA in Association with various Partners and together with CSM Academy Singapore provide an array of Certificate Courses and Training Programms and Workshops vaious fields such as Hyperbaric MEdicine, Aeromedical Patient Transfers, Telemedicine and Emergency Response Training/Occupational Health and Safety.

      1. Aeromedical Evacuation (flight planning, communications, pre/post/inflight management)
      2. Hyperbaric & Diving  Medicine (Basic, Advance, Chamber Operations)
      3. Telemedicine & Remote Integrative Specialist Consultation Training
      4. Emergency Response Training Occupational, Health & Safety
            • Basic Senior First Aid Training
            • Advance Senior First Aid Training
                • inclusive of AED Usage, Oxygen Provision during Diving & Non-Diving Accidents, SKED extraction, and STED ~Standby Telemedicine Emergency Deployment with RISC ~ Remote Integrative Specialist Consultation
  • Oxygen Provider Resuscitator Training
  • AED Training
  • SKED Emergency Extraction, Winch Lifting Training
  • Telemedicine with RISC (Remote Integrative Specialist Consultation)Training
  • Remote Management of Diving Emergencies 
  • Clinical Offshore Casualty Crisis Management Training
  • Maintaince & Traing Programs for Emergency Medical Equipment, Drugs in Remote Offshore Operations


For more information pls send us an email:

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In Association with FEMA Clinic & Surgery









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